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A Certified Specialist in Precious Metal Clay, Dani Stewart says Sculpted Silver Jewelry is her passion.
A Certified Specialist in Precious Metal Clay, Dani Stewart says sculpted silver jewelry is her passion.
Dani'z Designz is a Missoula, Montana, jewelry business owned by Dani Stewart, who began nurturing her need to create after a career in Nuclear Medicine Technology:

Jewelry designing combines Technical with Creative. I started with beads. I love combining colors with texture and sizes of stones, like crystals and pearls. 

When I discovered Precious Metal Clay (PMC), I was fascinated. The possibilities with this recycled silver are endless! It's a great medium for helping people translate their ideas into a cherished piece of Custom Montana-Made Jewelry...and that makes me very happy.

I'd love to hear from you today.

- Dani
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DANI'Z DESIGNZ creates jewelry using Precious Metal Clay (PMC), a unique type of recycled Silver Clay formed and sculpted by hand. Heated in a kiln and hardened, each silver pendant, keepsake necklace, earring and charm is unique.

Do you have a jewelry design idea? Customization is encouraged! Contact Dani'z Designz at 406-370-0982.
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